About Rick

Rick Plasters found his way to drawing in a rather unique way. He’s a trained Graphic Designer and graduated from Virginia Commomwealth University in Richmond, VA with a degree in Graphic Design with emphasis in Illustration. However, rather than pursue the Illustration, he started a graphic design company, focusing primarily on creating designs for print. The past 35 years has been with RP Design, LLC.

Throughout Rick’s life he’s had a love affair for detail in just about every aspect of his life. He was drawn to wildlife when he was a little boy and drew some things then as best as he could.

When Illustration/Drawing made its way back into Rick’s life, wildlife became the subject of his drawings. Starting with his photo references, he initially composes each element onto his scratchboard or drawing paper taking inconsideration of each line and source of color and its placement. Once the sketch had been drawn then he begins to start drawing with a sharp tool called an x-acto knife. Each line is planned before scratching the surface. A lot of his pieces have colored added to them to enhance the overall look.